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Undergraduate Courses

Analysis & Design of Electronic Systems
Analysis of Power Systems I
Analysis of Power Systems II
Antenna I & Lab.
Antenna Measurement
Artificial Intelligence
B.Sc. Project
CMOS Integrated Circuits
Communication Circuits & Lab.
Communication Systems I
Communication Systems II
Computer Programming
Computer Simulation
Design of Digital Systems (FPGA , ASIC)
Design of High-Voltage Substations & Project
Design of Overhead Transmission Lines
Differential Equations
Digital Communications & Lab.
Digital Control Systems & Lab.
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Systems I & Lab.
Digital Systems II & Lab.
Digital Systems Lab II
Digital Systems Lab. I
Electric Circuits & Measurement Lab.
Electric Circuits I
Electric Circuits II
Electric Machines I & Lab.
Electric Machines II & Lab.
Electric Machines III
Electric Power Generation Plants
Electrical Installations
Electrical Measurement
Electrical Workshop
Electronic Measurement
Electronics I & Lab.
Electronics II & Lab.
Electronics III & Lab.
Electronics III Project Lab.
Electronics Lab I & II
Engineering Economics
Engineering Electromagnetics
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Probability
English for EE Students
Fields & Waves
Filters & Circuits Synthesis
Fundamentals of Mechatronics
Fundamentals of Operational Research
General Workshop
High Voltage & Insulators
High Voltage Lab.
Industrial Control
Industrial Electronics & Lab.
Industrial Training
Instrumentation & Lab.
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Introduction to Systems Engineering & Cognition
Linear Algebra
Linear Control Systems & Lab.
Micro & Nanoelectronic Devices
Microwave I & Lab.
Modeling & Simulation
Modern Control Systems
Modern Physics
Nonlinear & Digital Control Lab.
Numerical Analysis
PLC Lab.
Power Plants & Generation
Power Systems Lab.
Principles of Communication Systems
Principles of Intelligent Systems
Principles of Optimization
Process Control Lab.
Project Planning & Control
Protection and Relays & Lab.
Pulse Techniques & Lab.
Signals & Systems
Solid-State Physics
Special Machines & Lab.
Transmission Systems I
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