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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Department of Systems and Control

Chair: Mahsan Tavakoli Kakhki, Ph.D.

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Department of Control Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is proud of its significant role in training expert individuals, who are involved in a wide variety of professional activities in both academia and the industry. Taking into consideration theoretical and practical advancements of different fields of “systems and control”, research activities of the Department’s faculty members involve a wide variety of subjects ranging from fundamental topics on the theory side to application-oriented matters on the practice side. Research areas of the Department of Control Engineering cover
- a wide range of theoretical fields including optimal control, nonlinear and multivariable control systems, robust, adaptive, predictive, and fractional order control;
- a variety of applied topics including neural networks, fuzzy and smart control systems, soft computing techniques, and swarm intelligence,
- and also in modeling, identification, and analysis of complex systems for different applications such as automotive, aerospace, military, energy, banking, and traffic control industries, and cognitive and biological sciences.
Interdisciplinary, inter-faculty, and inter-university collaborations, and also international research collaborations have contributed to the eminency of the achievements of the Department of Control Engineering.

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